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RESTrick Control Panel

RESTrick Control Panel Tune your computers according your requirements, for the best performance Control Panel is a powerful tool that can help you tune your Windows system. The RESTrick Control panel can help you enforce system security and protection all of your files. With the help of the RESTrick Control panel you can quickly tune your Windows system to your exact needs. RESTrick allows you to install different restrictions on your system so you can control the access to your computer. The RESTrick Control Panel will allow you to work with

Helm Control Panel 4: FREE Helm Lite 5 Control Panel for Windows, no limit on how long you use it.
Helm Control Panel 4

control panel software right away - absolutely free. Our control panel software automates your hosting business so that it pretty well runs itself. This could save you astounding money: well over $20,000. Helm Lite 5 includes all the power of the full Helm installation ($899 in value), while enabling you to operate on up to 5 domains for free! There is no limit on how long you use it! So why not get started? WebHost Automation Ltd develop control

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Hosting Controller Control Panel 6.1 6.1: Hosting Controller Software
Hosting Controller Control Panel 6.1 6.1

Hosting Controller is Windows web based control panel. This hosting automation software automates all hosting tasks and gives full control of each website into hands of respective owners. Its rebuildXpress Instant Recovery add-on provides a rigorous and proactive backup & restoration mechanism for Windows based hosting servers. This server control panel with the help of backup utility takes backup of business critical data.

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Windows hosting control panel 2003: Windows Australian Web Hosting web control panel.
Windows hosting control panel 2003

controller for the windows hosting account. With the windows hosting control panel you can control programs like iis6, ftp, dns, frontpage extension, an many other related services like email and other features like xmail server. The windows hosting control panel works with all versions of windows like, version 2003 for windows 2003 server and Version 2008 for windows 2008 server family. The Windows hosting control panel released under GNU

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AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) 1.4.001: All-in-one Content Management System (CMS) and Web development framework
AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) 1.4.001

AIOCP (All In One Control Panel) is a free Open Source Content Management System (CMS), a professional all-inclusive solution to completely manage a website or portal through a user friendly web-interface (WMS - Website Management System). AIOCP is also a framework for web application development and includes e-commerce and e-business modules.

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Presentation Control Panel 1.1.2: Multi-target presentation assistant for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+
Presentation Control Panel 1.1.2

Presentation Control Panel is a multi-target presentation assistant that is designed to make it easy to manage multiple target audiences and output formats in a single PowerPoint presentation (supports PowerPoint 2007+ on Windows). Slides are tagged depending on the actions you wish to apply and the audience you wish to see the slide. These tags are then used to control slide visibility when the presentation is prepared prior to use.

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Hosting Controller Software 8.0: Hosting Controller Software
Hosting Controller Software 8.0

In 1999, HC was the first hosting control panel for Windows and is again the first panel released in many languages of the world. In addition to being an advanced control panel, it also comes with automated billing,advanced plan manager and 24x6 free live support. All major payment gateways are supported including Paypal.

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